Prophet ﷺ said: “The most beloved of places to Allah is the mosque, and the most detested of places to Allah is the marketplace.” [Sahîh Muslim]

The Prophet ﷺsaid: “Whoever builds a mosque for Allah ,Allah will build for him likewise/house in Paradise.” [Sahîh al-Bukhârî and Sahîh Muslim]

Our aim is for all the Muslims to receive correct Islamic knowledge for the better understanding of Islam through the Masjid, by the way of the Prophet ﷺ following the Qur’an and Sunnah.

This Masjid is for all the Muslims, any Muslim around the world is welcome, InshAllah this Masjid will be one of baytAllah, house of Allah Swt.

Everything a masjid should provide will be catered for; five times Salah, Friday prayers and khutbah, The khutbah will be in Arabic, English and Kurdish. Also, Ramadan Iftar, Taraweeh, Halaqat, Eid Salah, Itikaaf, Salatul Janazah, Aqiqahs, Walimahs and monthly dinner gatherings. There will be a weekend halaqat for adults by a sheikh for general Islamic subjects. There will be facilities for sisters available.

We ask Allah Swt to make us khadim of the deen and to invite everyone to the deen of Allah. We ask Allah to accept this on our mizan al hasanat.

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