The Muslim Ummah Project

The first project is to purchase a building to become a multi-purpose Islamic education Jamia and Masjid.

Muslim Ummah was commissioned for the purpose of providing Islamic knowledge to facilitate the growing demand for Islamic knowledge within the society to benefit the whole of society, especially the Muslim Community.

Muslim Ummah aims to purchase premises, in London and in Nottingham, to build a multi-purpose Islamic education Jamia and Masjid.

InshaAllah, we need to raise £1,000,000 in order to continue our Islamic work, for the sake of Allah Swt. This project will benefit the whole Muslim community and society, our future children and for everyone to gain continuing reward. It is essential we reach our aim.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

We would like to thank you for all your donations. Muslim Ummah needs to raise £1,000,000 to complete our project to build the masjid and Islamic education center, Jamia, institute. We would like to clarify we are working fe sabilillah, any donation you make 100% will go to the project and charity.

It is essential we start running our charity from a permanent premises, this way your efforts and donations are not wasted on rent. From a permanent premises we can adapt the property to suit the needs of our community. This building will be for your brothers, your sisters and for the future of our Muslim Children.

As the Muslim duty we have the responsibility to help each other. Now, we ask for the sake of Allah Swt, that you donate generously for the sake of Allah Swt

Let us buy a place for ourselves, family or for your brothers and sisters in Islam by giving sadaqah to these Islamic projects like building of masajid, Islamic schools, Islamic libraries, orphanages, education centres and da'wah centers. If you donate sadaqa for these types of projects it will be counted as sadaqa jaariya. After you leave this world, it will be of benefit for you in the hereafter. Furthermore, it will be of help, support and benefit for our future generations.

We rely on every individual who helps, volunteers and donates to Muslim Ummah fe sabilillah, in order to further expand the work we are able to do and purchase a permanent property for the Muslim Ummah.

InshaAllah we hope you will be one of those who support and help this project.

JazakAllah khair for all your help, support and donation. Allah Swt grant you all Jannatul Firdous al'ala.……

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